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Dr. Aeroguard Air Purifier SCPR 1100 Review

Before this Review, let me start off by saying we shouldn't be dependent on Air purifiers for clean air, but we are forced to turn to using them because Air quality is deteriorating year on year and there doesn't seem to be a end to it it.

Most of air pollutants in summer and winter is still smog and fine dust, can't do anything about smog but dust can controlled by greenery and more plants, improper construction practices is the lead generator of fine dust, so it can also be controlled if more builders started being under regulations.

Air purifiers are a newer phenomenon in India, really taking off in the past two years or so due to rapidly falling AQI (Air quality index), it is getting so bad that it's causing irritation and breathing issues for sensitive groups.

There are many Brands selling Air purifiers in India right now, Philips, Honewell etc being the older players and Blueair, DAIKIN and Eureka Forbes being the newer players.

Eureka forbes have comes out with their new Air purifier line which is called Dr. Aeroguard Air purifiers, with many products in the range namely SCPR 200, SCPR 700, SCPR 1100 being the biggest and costliest model, So Today I am going to review SCPR 1100 after months of real use in my house and help you make your decision in choosing the best Air Purifier for your home.

SCPR 1100 Air Purifier Review

Build and size

The shape of this air purifier is different to most of other air purifiers, it is more of a square tower design than the spread wide designs from other brands, size is same any way you keep it, so that makes it more convenient in terms of space occupied.

Dimensions of SCPR 1100 are 33cmx33cm with a height of 80cm without wheels,with wheels the height is about half an inch more but those make it easier to move the purifier around.

Power cord is detachable and plugs to AC wall socket.

Body is made of Brushed aluminium on outside and metal on inside, with a strong metal fan propelling the air through the 2 sets of inlet filters, two inlets panels are magnetically held which are easily removable for cleaning and taking out and cleaning filters.

Clean air is output through the top of the tower, which means it goes in every direction in the room after going to top and should maintain a good airflow bottom to top. Top of the tower looks like a radiator design but is made of plastic fins, which also has touch control panel on top which allows you to change settings using simple touch controls right there.

The display lights on touch control are pretty bright but can be turned off with the "sleep" button. Other controls include the timer function, fan control and the vita ion toggle control.

Air cleaning rate of SCPR 1100

Since this is a big Air purifier suitable for larger areas, it will clean air very fast in smaller rooms.
With a CADR(clean air delivery rate) airflow of 800m³/hr, this pushes out huge amounts of air very fast and should clean any room in small intervals of time.

When I used it in a normal room of my house, air quality was brought down from PM 2.5 of 140 to PM 2.5 value of sub 30 in about 10 minutes, and to further down value of sub 10 in more 20 minutes.

Keep in mind a sealed room will experience faster air cleaning just like a sealed room cools better with an air conditioner, if you use Air purifiers in open room, it will fill up your filters faster.
This was with the Fan speed of 1, as it is the least noisy and as soon as you start increasing the fan speed from 2 to 5, it gets irritating amount of loud and you may not like that.

The older models of this Product used to have on-board PM 2.5 numerical meter and on the controlling Smartphone app too, but the newer models only come with indicator led which changed color in accordance with air quality, like green for good and red/yellow for bad.

Smartphone app and other features 

Smartphone app can be used to control all the aspects of Air purifier after connecting with Bluetooth, namely fan speed, sleep timer, sleep mode(which turns off the bright lights), Ion filter toggle, check filter life, turn the Unit power on and off etc.

It shows Air quality too but not the exact particulate count like PM 2.5/10 but Good/bad/average, the older units of the same product used to show them but they malfunctioned so the replacement units didn't come with the PM 2.5 indicator. If you are buying this unit be mindful of that, it cleans air, but you may not know about it without an External indicator if you want to know the exact PM 2.5 count.

It also does not show other pollutants like Formaldehyde, dust etc, and if it works on them, but since it come with Activated carbon filter, I am sure it works on them too.

So the only smart feature of this Air purifier is that it works via a Smartphone application too.

Air filter size and quality

The SCPR 1100 Air purifier comes with two sets of inlet for dirty air and one outlet,so it makes sense that it also comes with two sets of same filters, namely the HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter, the carbon filter also includes diatom fillers that removed harmful gases like formaldehyde etc.

HEPA Filter in SCPR 1100

Activated Carbon filter in SCPR 1100
So the air purifier comes with 2x HEPA and 2x Activated carbon filters.

HEPA filter mainly gets rid of fine dust and pollen, and carbon filter gets rid of smoke, odors and chemicals. HEPA Filter in this unit is made by 3M.

Since you have two sets of filters with this air purifier they should last longer than the competition, and that is a good thing, couple that with smaller rooms as this air purifier is actually made for the size of a big hallway, these should last pretty long.

The Filter size in SCPR 1100 is 50cm x 18cm, these are pretty big filters and since they are set of two, they will last very long.

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The SCPR 1100 Air purifier is functional and may even be overkill for the Airflow you need to clean in an average room, it doesn't come with an inbuilt PM 2.5 indicator, but it cleans the air very fast as I tested with a third party PM 2.5/10 sensor, the touch control display lights are very bright but can be turned off, the filters are self serviceable and swap-able.

The smartphone application to control SCPR 1100 air purifier is pretty good too as it is convenient. The timer allows you to set it up to turn off at the specified times, which should help with usability.

All in all, a very robust solution with some shortcomings, but it works, and it cleans air, it does that fast.

But at a price of Rs.36000 currently, it isn't a very smart choice, as considering it is an overkill for smaller rooms but will last longer so that should offset the filter replacement cost later down the line.

And I would also like to mention I had bad service experience with Eureka forbes and had to undergo long wait times when I had received defective sensor units earlier, but the current units work.

There are many other Air purifier options from Philips and Honeywell that you should look at and I will link them down below.

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  1. At My Experience this unit is really made for result driven.
    I experienced radical changes;Smoke,Odor all finish in few minutes.
    First model I bought in 1999 from Eureka Forbes company. that was also best in quality that time. Their product is compatiable to our home & needs and always suits.


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