Friday 23 August 2013

Lenovo Ideapad Z500 Laptop Review.

Lenovo mainly known for its Business class Thinkpad Laptops have been currently venturing in Multimedia and Gaming oriented laptops market too. The Latest Z500 and Y500 are results of that initiative, and its not like that they are overpriced or cheap, they are prized just right for the features they offer.

Recently I bought Lenovo Ideapad Z500 Laptop and took this a perfect opportunity for us to write a totally unbiased Hands on Review for our readers. Now without wasting any time we jump straight to the Review.

Lenovo Ideapad Z500 Notebook Review

Quick System specifications:

Processor: Intel Core i5-3230M @ 2.60GHz
Nvidia GT740M Graphics card 2GB
Camera : 1 MP 720p HD
Chipset : B75 Express (does not support SSD)
Speaker: Dolby Home Theater V4, Accutype Keyboard

Pros : Beautiful and sleek design, Brushed Aluminum finish,
temperatures remain relatively
Cool even while gaming, spacious keyboard
Cons : Heavy even though it is sleek, Touch-pad problems,
the keys are a bit shallow, Dust and Fingerprint Magnet.

Now for some Detailed Review :

Performance :

The performance of the Laptop is at par with other mainstream Laptops in this price range. However, it suffers in the gaming department. In many games it gives lower frame rates than Nvidia 630M and AMD 7670 which are supposed to be weaker than Nvidia 740M present in this system. It seems that there is some problem with the out of the box drivers and there is no update available at the moment (8th August 2013). The games that I tested were Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Dirt 3, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012) and Prototype 2.

The performance of Lenovo Z500 was compared with Asus K55VM (Quad Core i7, 8GB, 2GB Nvidia 630M), Lenovo Z580 and HP Pavilion G6 (Core i5, 8GB, 2GB AMD 7670M). In Battlefield 3 the performance of Lenovo Z500 was considerably lower than others. All other laptops were giving playable frame-rates on ultra-settings in 1366x768 resolution while Lenovo Z500 struggles even at Medium settings in 1280x720 resolution. Prototype 2 showed similar behavior but it easily managed to get a noticeably better performance than others in Crysis 3 and Dirt 3 while no visible difference was observed in Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012.

Lenovo Z500 Speccy Specifications

The laptop remains relatively cool but does have some kind of heating issue. However, it does not require a cooling pad for long, continuous gaming sessions. I've played Battlefield Bad Company 2 online continuously for 8 hours and the laptop just kept going. The only motion breaker was my unstable internet connection. Even heavier games like Crysis 3, BF3, Skyrim can be played continuously for many hours.
But(here comes the heating issue), the underside of the laptop, just under the fan gets uncomfortably hot while gaming and that place has no vents for air(maybe I'm worrying too much). I fear that the life of this laptop might be pretty short and I don't expect it to live for more than 2.5 years especially with Gaming habits like mine.
When the laptop is put in power saver mode and no heavy stuff is done it doesn't get much warm and Fan noise is inaudible... perfect for browsing web, listening to music, watching movies and playing Minecraft.

*Update* : After new Driver Updates for the Nvidia GT740M (24th August 2013), Frame-rates have increased upto 10 on Most of the Games and heat-up has decreased to compared to earlier uses.

Keyboard :

The Lenovo Z500 has got "Accutype Keyboard".  What that means is that the keys have a little outward curve on the lower side. Personally I don't feel any difference between this keyboard and those of a few other ultrabooks. I've mentioned ultrabooks here because the keys are too shallow for a mainstream notebook. But, the keys have a satisfactory travel and are comfortable to use and so far I've never had any kind of trouble with them i.e. unresponsiveness. The keyboard has lots of space between the keys and the arrow keys are "big". I was delighted to see them on my laptop as they are very rare these days.

Lenovo Z500 Keyboard Review

Touchpad :

The Touchpad is big (10.5cm x 7cm) and is comfortable to use but not as comfortable as ASUS K55VM's. At times it becomes totally unresponsive and the Palm detection isn't good enough either. Sometimes while playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 online it decides to read my Palms and annoy me.  I've been killed and missed thousands of shots because of that, so I have to turn it off altogether.
I suggest you to buy an external mouse if you want to play Games. Moreover lack of dedicated right and left mouse buttons don't make the Touchpad ideal for gaming. And the lamination on the Touchpad may come out if you spill something on it (I accidentally dropped a drop of hot tea on it and the lamination came off exposing the glossy surface underneath. That spot looks nasty in the daylight).

Display :

The display is of 1366x768 resolution and is of LED backlit type. The viewing angles are mediocre but they only suffer from contrast gain/loss. The sunlight legibility is pretty bad as the display brightness is low and it is too reflective. Why the hell don’t they put matte displays on laptops? Even some cheap Netbooks have those. The color reproduction is pretty good and contrast is average. The display appears to be on warmer side as the whites on other laptops appear to be more bluish. The pictures edited on Photoshop on my laptop look good on screens of others as they appear colder. I'm not particularly fond of warm white balance but it might not be a big issue for other people.

Lenovo Z500 Display Review

But, wait! The Preinstalled "One key theater" app tunes the display to my liking and everything is fixed. But then again, it also increases the contrast which kind of' makes the night scenes in games too dark and bright daylight scenes/desert scenes in Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 too bright. Finally I had to manually change color settings of Intel HD 4000(for movies and pictures) but I really wish that games had some kind of HDR mode to deal with overexposure.

Read More :  Best Laptop Buying Guide October 2013.

Design :

The laptop looks really beautiful, It’s simple, thin and elegant. The screen cover is made of Dark Chocolate colored matte plastic whereas the keyboard deck is made of brushed metal. The combination of matte plastic and brushed metal give it a premium feel and in comparison other laptops in this price range look cheap. Its 9mm thin at its thinnest part and 25mm thick at its thickest (excluding the supporting legs). However, the tapered edges give an illusion of much thinner laptop and thus makes it look as thin as most ultrabooks.

Lenovo Z500 Body/ Side Design

Recovery Options :

Lenovo Z500
has a Dedicated Recovery Button right next to power plug input. It starts the recovery service and boot settings without booting up the OS. You can always rely on it for full factory recovery and creation of recovery discs is hardly needed but the software has an option for that as well. But, the recovery software won't work with any other OS except Windows and the dedicated feature becomes quite useless (One reason to hate Linux based OSes).

Included software :

Lenovo has included a few useful apps that people often refer to as bloatware. Except McAfee Antivirus, all other apps are useful.

Dolby Home Theater

The software enhances the audio experience and takes gaming and watching movies to a different/higher level. It has many equalizer presets and you can also customize it. Other features are Dialogue Enhancer, Volume Leveler and Surround Virtualizer.

Lenovo Z500 Dolby HT

Dedicated "Energy Management" software

It also includes an option for Dust removal. Dust removal simply rotates the cooling fan at very high RPM. (I use if for quick cooling of the laptop after gaming sessions.)

Cyber link Power DVD-

Used for watching movies. (I find it useless but some people find it useful. It’s a good software for those who don't have Dolby Home Theater as it provides similar audio settings for movies and music)
And there are many more apps which are not worth mentioning and can really be termed as Bloatware.

Final Verdict :

Lenovo Z500
is a pretty good laptop for Gaming and other daily activities. At the price tag of Rs. 54,000 I can't demand more than what it gives. The issues with the drivers of Nvidia 740M will definitely be resolved in a few months but still, it manages to give a noticeably better performance than older mainstream GPUs (namely Nvidia 630M, AMD 7670M) commonly found on the laptops in this price range. If you can ignore the Touchpad problems and don't care about sunlight legibility of the display... this is the laptop you should buy. It’s the best gaming laptop in this price range!.

Get This Laptop now from Flipkart :  

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This Review was Written by Guest Author Bharat Justa.



    1. You Must read the Update, don't comment irresponsibly without reading the full content, the Reviewer said that with Gaming Habits like Mine, not for all.

  2. Anurag,

    Really liked your detailed reviews of Asus K55 and Lenovo Z500.
    I must say that it is indeed a big help for people like me who are about to spend 50K (pretending they will code on the machine, while in actual they want to shoot some bad a**)
    I am about to buy a new laptop in a few days. Have been using Dell Inspirion for almost 6 (yes 6) years now. So a little apprehensive on switching on to Lenovo or Asus (Though many folks in my company have Asus)
    I am not an avid gamer, but after 4 years of IT work ex and 2 breakups, I have decided that I will try my hands on every virtual gun that there is (before I get married,ofcourse, and the machine is replaced by an OTG).
    Can you once again please suggest whether it should be Asus K55 or Lenovo Z500 for a first time, not a hard core gamer like me.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks for such a Long comment, these type of Comments really motivate me to review more stuff for my readers.

      K55VM is still with me and serving me efficiently with all Gaming and Programming needs, i run a lot of VMs etc. (Playing Saints row 4 currently on it)
      If you have a mixed kind of need that includes both Hard Work +Gaming, then you would be better off with K55VM.
      if you can sacrifice some processing power for Gaming then Z500 might be for you,it had an i5 and less RAM so may not much for Heavy Programming but in Gaming its better than K55. SO make your choice based on Gaming or Mixed need.
      and Keep Commenting, if you wanna ask something.

    2. Once again thanks.

      And a meticulous critic/reviewer like you shall never run low on motivation.

      I will let you know once I have hands on my new machine, though the month of Shraadh coming, it may not be anytime soon.

      Keep rocking...keep guiding!!!

  3. Hi ,
    thanks alot for this review
    excuse me , i am going to buy a laptop is lenovo z500 better for me and better than Dell ?
    my usage will be internet
    , programs like photoshop
    , games like pes 13/ pes 14/fifa 13 14/ need 4 speed 2012

    Are you recommend it for me ?
    if yes why ?
    and if no could you tell me about good one ?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Currently this is the Laptop with the Best Graphic card at this Budget, you can buy Z500, it will be best for your gaming Needs.

    2. Thanks alot ,
      excuse me , An other question

      which is better

      Lenovo Ideapad Z580A (i5/6/1TB/NVIDIA/W8)
      Intel® Core™ i5-3210M Processor (3M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz)
      6GB DDR3 RAM 1333MHz
      1TB SATA HDD 5400 rpm
      DVD±R/RW drive
      15.6" backlit LED HD Display
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M with 2 GB DDR3 dedicated
      Built-in Web Camera 1.0 MP
      Wi-Fi (802.11n) - Bluetooth - 2 x USB 2.0 - 2 x USB 3.0 - Ethernet 10/100/1000
      1 x HDMI - 1 x D-SUB - 1 x RJ-45
      6 cell battery
      Windows 8

      lenovo z500 i5

      Processor Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-3230M Processor (3M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)
      RAM 6GB DDR3
      Hard Disk 1TB
      Video Graphics 2GB Dedicated , nVidia Geforce GT 740M
      Display 15.6"
      Multimedia Drive Yes
      Wireless Yes
      Bluetooth Yes
      Webcam Yes
      Fingerprint No
      Card Reader N/A
      Ports N/A
      Battery 4 cell
      Operating System Dos
      Case N/A
      Dimensions 51 x 33 x 7.4 cm
      Weight 3.5 Kg

    3. Lenovo Z500 is better in these two.

    4. thanks a lot
      i bought lenovo z500 i5 but i have a problem
      i can not install nvidia driver. i tried and tried but nothing
      and showed me this message

      how can i solve it ?!

    5. I had the exact same error when i installed older drivers on my K55VM, you should try some different versions apart from the one you are trying, have you got a Driver DVD with it ?

    6. The newest drivers are 320.xx something , get them from Nvidia site.

  4. Nice review:).
    Whether 1 gb and 2 gb gt 740 are comparable?
    I am going to buy a laptop under 50k.i am not a serious gamer but i will use CAD softwares and will be doing some video editing and rendering,can u suggest b/w z500(1gb),k55,dell 14r se,dell vostro 3560?.

    1. For Rendering and CAD stuff, you may need 2 GB VRAM for Graphic card, more is preferable in case of rendering and CAD works.

  5. thanks for the comments .
    Can u please suggest on lap for me from the above listed?

  6. I want to ask you if there is 64bit or 128bit gt740m? Thanks for your answer.

  7. I have a question for you.

    You have suggested Z500 with B75 chipset which does not support SSD caching. Instead there is another Z500 available with H77 Express chipset for 46k with 1GB GT740M via which we can take advantage of SSD caching.

    Do you think it is better to stick with B75 or move towards H77?

    1. Yeah the Z77 would be a better buy only if you are planning to go with a single SSD, as the laptops don't have separate ssd slots, you will have to remove the normal HDD and replace it with SSD, which i have to say would be very less memory for normal usage.

  8. Latest drivers are 320.xx Try them... maybe they'll work. And the games issue has been solved. The new drivers are great and it easily beats K55 and other machines at this price range.

  9. Hey Anurag,

    Could you confirm the chipset details of Lenovo Ideapad Z500-59-380463 using CPU-Z tool?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi
    I cant decide to buy Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 & I'm Not Using Just for Games [ 70% Work&business-30% For Games ]
    -Intel Core i7-3632QM Processor, 6M Cache, 2.2 GHz up to 3.20GHz
    -RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (2 x 4096 MB), Up to 16 GB
    -GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM
    -Screen: 15.6'' backlit LED HD (16:9 widescreen) (1366x768)


    1. Lenovo Z500 is a good choice, you can buy it, no issues in work or playing Games.

    2. Thank you very much.
      One more Q'.
      What about the Lenovo IdeaPad G510 with:
      4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ Processor, 6M Cache, 2.4 GHz up to 3.40 GHz
      8Gb of RAM, up to 16Gb
      15.6'' High-Defnition LED (1366x768)
      GPU: AMD Radeon™ HD 8750M Graphics with 2GB
      does the 4th Gen Core get more heat than the 3th gen?
      and it will last or in future like after 1 year Im gonna face some problems cuase it has a One Year warranty. And I read some comments about it that the screen get darker and the keyboard will not work very well ! " I dont know how to decide between both :( "

      thank you for your time!

    3. Looking at G510's specifications i can say it is significantly better than Z500, and no 4th gen doesn't have any heating issues as i can remember, but make sure to not use Laptops on Bed, it causes Heating and Dust on Insides of Laptop.
      If you can get G510 in your Budget i would surely advise you to get it.
      All Laptops have 1 year warranty and they surely work like 2-3 years after that.

  11. Looking for pure gaming laptop for 50k.... Please suggest a good one with a good graphics card... It may be in Dell Lenovo,Sony or Samsung...

    1. If you are buying from Flipkart, you may look at this Lenovo Ideapad Z500 , Its the best Graphics Card Currently at this Budget, Pure Gaming.

    2. There is a Limited time offer which gives you Accessories worth 5k with this.

    3. First of al congrats bro...i just want to know the battery on lenovo site some are claiming 2hr only..tell both on game like crysis 3 and normal stuff..

    4. The Battery Backup is ~3 to 3 and a half hours and even 4 hours at normal use, when gaming, it may be around 45 minutes.
      But Congrats for what ?

  12. hi anurag , finally i got my new lenny z500 wid ol new gt 740m . the qqwhole lappy is verry impressive( the keyboard,even touch, grafix,sleek design) but only bad thing is screen....its below average., actually i hv sony vaio 3 yrs old ,it hv full hd display. i think dats y switching to this laptop display is not comfortable. but overall i give 7/10 to this laptop but 10/10 for this price. no 1 can beagt this gaming beast.

    1. Happy to know you got it, Snapdeal delivered actually.

    2. yeaaa actually, thnx fo ol yr help. i also found dat after latest nvidia update 327.xx i m playing far cry 3 n tombraider n grid 2 on ultra setting without ny lag. but dear dear display is very disappointing.

    3. Yeah Display is a bad one, got that from everyone who bought that, its even inferior to K55VM, but Performance matches up for it.

    4. is there anything to do wid display....i mean is ther any option to improve it?

    5. Not actually, Brightness can be increased , but that will drain battery.

  13. what is the warranty with ASUS that we get?
    is there a extention on Warranty?
    is there a Accidental warranty?
    and where we have to take it for repair ?

    1. There is a 1 Year warranty on ASUS laptops, its can be extended to more years, generally you don't have to take it, you juts call on call center number and they will come and look at the issue.
      check out our K55VM review also.

  14. Does it support windows 8 touchpad gestures. Because I m thinking of buying this appy

    1. Its not a laptop feature, its a Driver feature, it will support Gestures.

  15. Hi,
    I spilled a little milk on the touchpad and the lamination came out,you are right it does look nasty,is there a way to re-laminate,does it come in the warranty of laptop,,,i bought it just a week back and now feeling very sad for it...

    1. You too spilled something on it ? You can get it laminated again from any shop or service center, but it doesn't come under warranty, you can use it just like that, its supposed to be used like it.

  16. hi iam pruthvi can i take lenovo z500 i7 processor, 8gb ram,2gb graphic card, for serious gaming...??

  17. Can I format win 8 and install win7 professional 64 bit.can I get chipset lan sound grap
    hics driver

    1. Windows 7 Drivers may be hard to find , since this Laptop only released with Windows 8.

  18. what is the actual battery life of Z500?(
    Does it last longer than 3.5-4 hrs on watching movies and surfing stuff?
    can i get the battery life of 5.5 hr (actually) as the company states? and how?

    i usually have demands of a longer battery while on travel, otherwise while gaming i am at home(so no problems of battery backup, as it is plugged)

    should i go with HP Pavilion 15-n012TX which has the same graphics card but the processor is clocked lower(1.6 ghz-2.6 ghz). and ppl state longer battery life of about 4-5 hrs in their reviews.

    Please,i demand your reply fast.

    1. Yes the lower clocked Hp pavillion 15-n012tx would be a better choice if looking at battery life.

    2. I bought Lenovo Z500 yesterday, but it has got problem with keyboard light is not working and while booting the system it on for 2 seconds then off . Could you please advise how can i solve this.

      Your prompt reply will be appreciated

    3. contact the Lenovo support center maybe

  19. Hello there

    I am wondering if I record Minecraft or play minecraft without recording will I get decent FPS? What FPS would I get on it? I will be recording with Fraps

    1. Every recording software locks Game FPS to 30 while recording, but you will get 60+ FPS in Minecraft while playing.

    2. Thanks :D Also what LAPTOP do you recommend for recording or playing minecraft? Under 650 Dollars or 400 Pounds

  20. i am currently trying to choose between asus k55vm, toshiba l850 and lenovo ideapad 500 ,all three from flipkart.although lenovo doesnt hav a quad core,u have said it is better for gaming. in flipkart there is approx 10000rs price diff bt wn asus(without win8) and lenovo.also reviews comparing graphics cards for the two dont suggest that much of a difference.I will buy the lenovo only if the difference made by the processors and ram (for gaming) is more than met by the graphics card.plz help me out

    1. Yes, if you want to compare Gaming Performance, Lenovo Z500 seems the best choice among the 3 laptops you mention, as its got a better GPU and slightly less RAM and Core i5 can always more than make up for the less number of cores, and Gaming doesn't require more cores, its only dependent on GPU, see this Link and buy this only - Lenovo Ideapad Z500

    2. Thnx for your reply.i came across an hp envy 15 with i5 4200m,gt740m on is lighter and has better battery life although rs 5000 more.another one is hp m4 with 14inchscrn i5 3230 and gt 730m,costs around 51000((although out of stock in flipkart)

    3. That 4200M will be a less Powerful processor than the one in Lenovo Z500, that i gave above, trust me Z500 would be better.

    4. 4200M is a less Powerful processor.

  21. LENOVO ESSENTIAL G505S (59-380146) LAPTOP (APU QUAD CORE A10/ 8GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 2.5GB GRAPH) ,LENOVO ESSENTIAL G500S (59-388254) LAPTOP (3RD GEN CI5/ 8GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 2GB GRAPH) (BLACK).these two laptops seem to have good config.are they comparable for gaming performance to the others i had far as i have come to know the amd laptop has a better gpu

  22. Hey Anurag. Thanks for the review. I am looking to use this laptop for video editing, would you suggest this is a good purchase (the version with the i7 and 7200rpm 1TB harddrive)? If not, what alternative would you suggest?

    1. Yes, go for it, it looks the best alternative for your requirements.

  23. HEY

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. It has a Non Removable Battery type....will it cause any problem in later on ?

    1. It is removable, but not like Click lock that is usually in other, but locked via screws.
      I think Flipkart version has removable Battery for Indian Market, not sure though - Lenovo Ideapad Z500

  25. Hey Anurag, You're doing great work suggesting laptops. Got this site, while googling. I need your help too.

    I'm stuck between 3 laptops
    Lenovo Ideapad Z500 (59-380463) Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 6GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph)


    HP Pavilion 15-n012TX Laptop (4th Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph)


    Samsung NP550P5C-S01IN Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 6GB/ 1TB/ Win7 HP/ 2GB Graph)

    Samsung S01N and Lenovo Z500 having similar spec but samsung one is cheaper and having heating issues from user reviews and lenovo Z500 is having better battery life.

    And HP Pavilion 15-n012TX, HP pavilion has less clock speed but it's 4th gen.

    Help me to choose one from this 3. I mainly use it only for gaming and entertainment. I travel much so I need better battery backup and I want good performance while gaming also without heating. Also price is another criteria. Help me to get one.
    Please reply ASAP since I planned to but it on Christmas.

    1. I would sincerely suggest you to go with Lenovo Ideapad Z500 only.
      HP one has 4th Gen Processor but its a ULV Processor, i.e. Ultrabook Processor, its not made for Heavy Tasks, and moreover I have used Lenovo Z500 so i can suggest it to you based on its cooling capabilities and Battery life too.

  26. And one thing is this can expandable upto 32GB as by the processor model. Please suggest i want to buy this within 1 week. Thanks

    1. This is Expandable upto 32 GB using RAM sticks, you will need two RAM sticks of 16GB each. This has only two slots, you can either add two 8 GB sticks or two 4 GB sticks etc.

  27. is this lenovo ideapad z500 which u have mentioned in the article gud fr gaming or hp pavillion 15-no12tx gud fr gaming ....pls tell me fast

    1. Both are Good, its just dependent on the Brand Preference and Graphic card.

  28. But in the flipkart site it shows it can expandable upto 8Gb of ram

  29. Hey Anurag,
    What is your opinion on these laptops........
    Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph)

    Dell Inspiron 15 3521 Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph)

    I know Lenovo Z500 is better than these but then im not sure about hardware of lenovo......i think dell laptops are more durable and long lasting.
    i just joined college so i need a laptop which i can use for about 4 years for moderate gaming and other general uses.
    But im not sure about getting dell too becoz the processor on these laptops is 3337u and has a clock speed of 1.9 n turbo boost to 2.6...........n i heard clock speed is an important aspect in gaming.
    Plus even if it is not a prob now.........iwill it cause any problem say in 2 years will it be still competitive then.

    Please Reply ASAP......i have only 2-3 days.

    1. Lenovo Laptops have among the best Hardware in Laptops and are trusted for data Security and reliability on an Industry wide level, I would always suggest you Lenovo Ideapad Z500

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Hi Anurag,

    I am searching for a gaming laptop within 50k. So will you please suggest a gaming laptop having i5 configuration and atleast 2gb of nvidia geforce gt 740m or higher graphics card.

    I prefer dell but in dell with this configuration is not available in market. So please suggest

    Your help would be appreciated.


    1. This laptop is best for your Budget and Configuration, and has good Quality too - HP Pavilion 15-n012TX. This is currently the only laptop at this price with 740M

  32. heyy anurag....
    thanx for your review
    pls suggest me the best gaming laptop under 50k....
    whats ur opinion about the amd a10 processor?...

  33. Does these processors differ large in gaming between i5 1.6GHz to 2.6ghz and i5 2.6 GHz to 3.2 GHz...


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