Thursday 15 August 2013

Elementary OS "Luna" Final Released.

Elementary OS Luna Final

Elementary OS "Luna" Final was released for users around the globe waiting for it from Months.
Those who had actually used the "Beta 1" and "Beta 2" releases were looking to lay their hands on this good looking Linux Distro for so long a time that they had lost all hopes of its release.

Elementary OS Luna has emerged as the one of most Polished and Good Looking Linux Distro with ease of use and is not very demanding on your system.
The Final version has been fully optimized and is faster, more beautiful and features some new Utilities. Some things have been removed, some have been modifies to make them better and faster.

There is a New Store for downloading the Applications that you may want to download. Its better than finding the applications yourself and getting them via Package Manager.

Luna Software center Games

The Document Viewer opens pretty much anything you throw at it like - .pdf, tiff, DjVu, .cbr comics.

The Software center can be used for all kind of updates in an easy way.

Software center update sources in Luna

There is a Screenshot Utility too for taking and managing screenshots.

Luna screenshot manager

Other than that the OS is pretty much unchanged and you can read our earlier Beta 2 review to get an accurate idea about it - Elementary OS Luna review

Noise Luna player

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