Tuesday 13 August 2013

Grid 2 Video Game Giveaway by Zompler

Grid 2 Giveaway Zompler

We Bring you our first Video Game Giveaway with the help of our partners Allkeyshop. Grid 2 is the acknowledged racing Game for this year and was largely awaited by Racing Game enthusiasts.
Grid 2 changed the Racing Game scenario with its realistic Handling and Graphics this Year. Grid 2 builds on the Legacy created by its predecessor  that redefined racing games experience and is still a Yardstick for Racing Games for Gamers.

Grid 2 races span across many continents and countries and Legendary racing tracks, and is powered using "EGO" Engine and boasts of "Truefeel" Handling system for an immersed racing experience to Racers.

About our Partners :

Cheap Digital Download contacted us to be the Pit Stop for a Grid 2 game giveaway. Cheap Digital Download is a price comparison service for all PC and Xbox games, continuously testing their vendors anonymously to ensure your protection, should you get your games through them.

1 Grid 2 Licence Key to be won in the Giveaway

All you have to do is to just follow the Steps given in the below Giveaway Widget and increase your Points for Maximum chance of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Selection of Winner :

Winners are selected with an automated random entry with the help of Rafflecopter software. The automated software selects the winning entry with use of random.org. This is all an automated process and you get more chance of winning if you get more points.

The Giveaway starts on 14th August 2013 and Ends on 28 August 2013, The winner will be announced the Next Day.

For each Point that you are awarded you get a Unique entry so more entries means more Probability of winning for you, so aim for more points to get a shot at winning and repeat the procedure daily to get more entries.

Rules and Regulations :

1. You will be disqualified if any of your entries are found to be spurious or missing later so exercise caution with that.

2. The winning person will be required to contact us after the end of giveaway to claim the Prize , if they don't , the next winning entry will be chosen by us.

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