Sunday 8 April 2012

Make Android Apps Online Without any Programming

Android is the future of mobile Operating systems and we all know that and The Google Play app store already lists more that 3 million apps and they are increasing almost exponentially.So if you own a Website/Business you would want to connect to your mobile customers just as easily,and if you have been thinking of making some app later then THIS is the right time to jump on to it.Here i am Listing some useful websites which allow you to create your android app without any previous knowledge of Programming (YES!),as simple as that.So lets Start

1.  Free Blog Apps Maker

This is a really useful and Free website you don’t even need to register if you don’t want to Get your App up on the Google app store,But this is mainly a service for making your rss app.
make android apps online

Here is the Link to the Site

2.   App Maker
This is also a free Service And gives you more options than the above service and you can really make games  as simply as click and go,and you can even add your PNG icons.

android app maker

Here is the direct link to the site

3.  App Builder
This is the the most extensive app making website i found,its loads simpler,contains a bank of good icons and templates,allows you to make apps for i OS,android,windows,HTML5,gives a real best professional look to your app and better than the above two,But here is a downer ,its free only for 30 days after you make your account there,so use your 30 days wisely,but anyways you can make your app easily inside 30 mins.,but still if you need to use it anymore then here is a trick,use a different email account to setup you new account and WALLA! you again have full 30 days of app making,now don’t just read it act on it and get APPY.

apps builder

Direct Link

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