Thursday 11 July 2013

Help The Good Websites by NOT Using Ad-blockers.

Adblock is harmful

Ad-blocking plugins are great things to get rid of spammy, suspicious banner, rich-media or pop-up ads on untrusted websites. It really gets annoying if you have to browse a website filled with lots of annoying ads. For example, you can have problems browsing most torrent and file-sharing websites as they often show explicit adult ads, gambling/casino ads etc. People are also bound to get annoyed by 'click here to download' ads as the entire goal of such advertisers is to make the user visit their target website(s) anyhow.

However, due to ad-blocking plugins, genuine, useful websites lose a huge percentage of their monthly revenue which comes from the advertisements on them. Leave aside big web tycoons, think about those little blogs, forums and other little websites, run by either inviduals or small groups of enthusiastic people, which are mostly funded by advertising to cover their running expenses - webhosting costs, domain name costs, maintenance costs, management costs etc. Then again, your ad-blocking plugin may block the ads on the websites of a developer who develops open-source software for you to use, a blogger who gives his readers useful tips for free, a designer who creates designs for her followers upon request on her blog, a really talented kid trying to earn money to fund his studies by helping people with coding on his site, and the list goes on...

Say no to adblock

So how can you help those websites? You can keep using the plugins and yet help the sites you like. Most plugins allow users to disable ad-blocking for a specific page or website. So if you're using a plugin like adblock plus, you can go to its preferences and enable the bottom bar and from there control which websites can show you ads and which cannot. So, in summary, you can block ads that you don't like, and disable ad-blocking on websites of your choice without disabling the ad-blocking plugin itself. So it becomes a win-win situation for both the enthusiastic group of people and you. They write content for you to enjoy, and in return get money from ads as a compensation for the time that they invest. Isn't that good?

This is a guest post by Rohit Palit of TechTage. He's a technology lover with a deep love for computer hardware, WordPress SEO and all things web.

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