Tuesday 3 December 2013

How to Protect your PC online and offline with Bitdefender

Bitdefender Internet security home

Computers have made our life easy and difficult both in this new age. While you are able to do all your tasks easily and faster, you run the risk of your PC getting infected with Trojans, Malwares etc. Viruses are the one thing that came automatically with the advent of computers and internet, and if you are not careful you may lose all your data and useful files. And if you are not careful when entering id/password online you can lose your accounts and yo data and Money can be stolen.
Someone in our friend circles recently lost hundreds on Dollars just via Viruses known as key-loggers, his details were stolen and his Credit card was used to make invalidated purchases.

So you may ask, What should I do to be secure Online and Offline, my advice would be to invest in a good Internet security Antivirus for your Home and work PCs.

So today, I will review one of the best in its class Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 for you guys.

Some of Exclusive Bitdefender Internet security features :-

Bitdefender Photon - It works in the background without slowing down your PC's working or affecting performance or start-up times. It is a revolutionary technology that ensures that Bitdefender easily integrates with your PC hardware and ensures a safe and sound PC without any kind of performance effect, which is one of the top issue why users don't install Antivirus on their PCs.

Enhanced! Cloud Anti-Spam - Stops Spam emails from reaching your inbox and alerts you against any malicious links in your Mailbox.

Two-way Firewall - It monitors your connection all over and even allows unauthorized access over Wireless like Wi-Fi.

Safepay - Its an inbuilt feature in Internet security that check the page security when you make payments online and also provides you with a special onscreen keyboard to ensure safety against keyloggers.

Bitdefender Internet security Onscreen keyboard

Monitor Kids activities - This keeps record of your children's browser history and you can also monitor and restrict malicious websites for you kids.

Chat Encryption - Encrypts your chat over yahoo messenger to prevent Snooping.

Some of the other Basic features of Internet Security from Bitdefender are : -

Impregnable Security 

Bitdefender is known for its unbreakable security, it even blocks the threats that other competitive antiviruses can't detect.

Auto-Pilot Mode

Bitdefender protects your computer from threats automatically. No need to choose the right configuration for your PC from a heavy list of options. It goes on Auto-Pilot and never asks and disturbs you again with annoying popups.

Blazing Fast

Bitdefender antivirus is very fast, it doesn't slow down your PC like most of the other antiviruses. You can do heavy tasks while the scan is going on. This is due to the new Photon Technology from Bitdefender.

Online Safety with Safepay

Online Payments
Online Banking

Safepay ensures that you never have to worry about losing your Online Credit card and net Banking details ever again, it gives you the best of Safety and ease of use with Onscreen Keyboard, wi-fi protection, Phishing protection, Protection from Key-loggers etc.

Bitdefender Internet security

Safepay is compatible with all antivirus program, so everyone can install it. Safepay has its own secure dedicated web browser with the cloud technology which monitors your online transaction round the clock to ensure your privacy and security.


If you are looking for a Premium Antivirus for your Home and Office systems you may want to look at Bitdefender Internet Security since its affordable and Secure. One USP of Bitdefender is that it can be put in user mode and  Auto pilot mode too, and secures both your Online and offline data.

So, Which Antivirus Company do you lean towards ? If it is any other, is it as secure as Bitdefender Antivirus, Tell me in Comments.

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