Wednesday 22 March 2017

Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB UHS-I SDHC Review

For DSLR Photography, the main bottleneck inside a system is Storage and the write speed on it, A RAW file on a modern DSLR is 30MB at minimum and a JPG is 10MB give or take, if you were to take a burst shot or timelapse, you would be writing upwards of 100MB/s for that duration.

Now this is usually solved by DSLR bodies using an inbuilt buffer to store while the storage is written onto, after that buffer fills up, it is only the write speed of SDHC memory that will keep your camera responsive and allow you to take shots non-stop.

Since I recently got a DSLR and I wanted to get a Value for money but fastest UHS-I card(since my body or most mid range bodies don't support UHS-II yet), I went with SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB UHS-I SDHC card, and today I am going to review it very briefly and to the point.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB UHS-I SDHC Review

The package and marketing on this card indicates a Write speed of 90MB/s and read speed of 95MB/s, I am going to test out how accurate it is.

Packaging and Build : The packaging is pretty simple for this card, it just comes in a jewel box inside a cardboard box, functional but the recessed extra compartment made me think I was missing something in the package when I was not.

The color scheme of the card is Red/Black with Gold lettering so it maintains it's premium look seperate from the standard SanDisk line.

Storage space : After formatting the card inside a Nikon body in FAT32 format, the available space on the card is shown as 29.7GB, which is standard.

Write Speed :

I haven't had any lag or issues in writing while shooting at full resolution bursts on my Nikon D5300 body with 24MP image resolution.

So to check the real speeds and transfer speeds of this card, I am going to rest it on my Windows PC using some Read/write speed tests and Benchmark tools.

Benchmarks :

(Click on the Images to see in Full-Size)

Anvil Disk Utilities Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark

CrystalDisk Mark

AS SSD Benchmark

Final words : In conclusion to this Review I can say that this card  won't give you any issues in Photography or Videography in most mid range to Prosumer DSLRs and is the most recommended card across many reviews on eCommerce websites.

I also noticed I got slightly lower speeds than is usual for this card in other websites reviews, but I am sure it is due to the card being formatted in FAT32 not NTFS before benchmarks, as I wanted to keep it in FAT32 since DSLRs still use that system.

Other cards in competition are Sony and Toshiba exceria which are slightly pricier and offer same performance and reliability. For Photography reliability is a huge factor since you don't want your images to vanish after a whole day Photographing.

I would recommend this card to anyone going for Mid range to Prosumer DSLR bodies at the current time.

Prices for this SDHC card are very consistent at around INR 2000 (USD 30) at various online selling portal.

You can buy this Card over at Flipkart here : SanDisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SDHC Class 10 95 MB/s 

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