Wednesday 12 September 2012

Move WordPress site to other hosting using Plugin.

Many of you might have at some time in your blogging life wondered how to move your entire WordPress site to another Hosting provider without  the tedious manual tweaking and adding of mySql databases and 403 and 503 errors,many times this even causes loss of whole site for new users who are usually unaccustomed to all this.
I too myself wondered how to do this,and after searching on Google for few days i came across two plugins for your WordPress blog which automate the whole process of cloning of your website and pack the backup in an easily downloadable
archive and a php restore script,these both files can be easily uploaded to your new hosting together in a folder and run the script.

so,the plugins are :-
1. X-Cloner :- This Plugin has a Feature where you can generate the tar backup using a click and pack in all your database and files into it easily,this also gives a restore script to restore the entire site on another hosting, this is easy,just put the tar archive and x-cloner.php in the same folder and run the script,rest of the backup process is automatic,this Plugin can also restore the plugin via ftp transfer,but i don’t know if it works or not,because it didn’t work for me,and also one warning,it generates a pretty big backup archive compared to other backup plugins.

2. Duplicator  :- I would recommend this plugin myself but this plugin doesn’t has the ftp transfer feature,but you can transfer them anyways using some application like coreftp client,the point is that it also has the same type of restore script and installation feature,but it makes a smaller archive backup which reduces the transfer bandwidth.

So,the best Plugin for Moving and Restoring your WordPress website in a hassle free way would be Duplicator,if you are not looking at saving your bandwidth.

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