Sunday 14 October 2012

Watercolor Effect in Photoshop Tutorial/Action.

Tutorial Level : Beginner.

Software Required : Photoshop any version.

Time : 5-10 Minutes.

Watercolor effect in a picture is desirable when we want to retain the color contrast of photo and don’t require the sharpness,because water color are always smudgy,isn’t it?
Creating this effect as easily on Photoshop may be a little tricky but that’s why you are reading the tutorial,but believe me this is so simple as just applying some effect and filters.
So,here i am going to write a tutorial how to create this effect and i have also made a Photoshop action for those who
are getting difficulties reproducing the effects.

1. First open the Original Image and Duplicate it 3 times so that you have total 4 images.
2. We are going to keep the original image unchanged in this tutorial so leave the background layer as it is.
3. with the layer1(1st duplicate layer) selected ,go to Filter>Artistic>Cutout window and set the values as 4,4,2. Now,change the Blend mode of layer to Luminosity.
4. Select the Layer1 copy,Go to Filter>Artistic>Dry Brush window and set the values as 10,10,3. And now,change the Blend mode of Layer to Screen.
5. Select Layer1 copy2 and go to Filter>Noise>Median and set the radius value to something between 10-15 depending on the image size,change the Blend mode of the layer to Soft Light.
6. Now you’re done,Easy,wasn’t it.

You can Also Download the Automatic Photoshop Action Below


  1. Thank you. I enjoyed this action and it worked well for my photo. It's really easy to use.


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