Tuesday 16 October 2012

Send SMS using Google Gmail Service in India.

Google has recently started to give free SMS(Short Messaging Service) service to its users in India. This service was already available in rest of the western countries but it is now that Indian users can avail this.
According to the official help provided we can send 50 Messages/Day to any number in the country and it will be free. It maintains a credit system which consumes 1 out of 50 credits every time your sent message is delivered(yes, it also gives you a delivery report.)

send sms with gmail

To use this system go to your Gmail account, Log-in and on the left chat window start
typing a name, and when it starts showing results, you can select the Send SMS Button and this opens a dialog where you add the Phone number and start sending the messages. It opens up a chat window on right which shows the chat and the when the receiver replies to your message it is also shown there. ( Note : For replying to your sent Messages the Network carrier charges may apply.)

send sms with gmail
This is a very useful service for when you are running low on Talk time and really want to send a SMS,Now this is one more reason for switching to Gmail.

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