Monday 5 November 2012

Why switch to Windows 8 ?

This is the question that many are asking in light of the much hyped Windows 8 launch event recently, that what is so special in Windows 8, to make me switch from the Windows 7,which we have now become so accustomed to ?
I recently Dual booted windows 8 on my laptop and was genuinely impressed with the smooth and fluid interface,so here are some more reasons apart from the usual “Eye candy” to switch to it.

1. Smooth and Intuitive UI : The Live Metro Tile interface is something which you won’t ever get bored of, switching between tile apps is smooth and easy and all
the four corners of the screen have something to offer,just move your mouse to any corner to get the options, be it the connectivity,Personalization menu,Task Manager or what not .
For non Metro Application,the old Windows desktop opens which is just the same as the Windows 7 one, but wait, the start button is missing, Not to panic, because you are probably never gonna want it with the live Start screen at your command.

Windows 8 Start Screen
Windows 8 Start Screen

2. Real Multitasking : Multitasking was always an integral part of the Windows systems, but Windows 8 really takes it a notch higher with the snap Desktop and Applications feature,with this feature you can see two windows side by side in the same screen, like Reading a document and browsing internet side-by-side or your Desktop on one side and Music player on the other. Personally i would like to give a big thumbs up to Microsoft for this.

snap Feature in windows 8
Snap feature in Windows 8

3. Smoother and Slicker switching : When you want to switch between two active windows then just click into the left top corner and it switches even before you can blink.

4. More Multimedia and Productivity options : This edition of windows packs in a Stronger and better media player and rich codec support, For Productivity there are the active tiles that start updating as you connect to the internet and you get all the updates before your even without any hassle,but don’t worry about the data usage though,you can even turn off the Active Tiles.
For The office support You have the Word-pad, and Most Importantly There is an inbuilt PDF reader to view your important files, so say bye-bye to Adobe reader.
There are more accessible and easy intuitive options for a file to be processed, and a New Feature i found in the Windows 8 is that we can mount ISO files as Drives, this also eradicates any need of a mounting software for mounting your ISO files like Alcohol 120%.


Mount option in Windows 8
Mount option in Windows 8

5. New Matte look Windows (no gloss) : The Gloss and Transparency of the Windows has been done away with, and new pastel color windows greet you refreshingly, this look i find pretty cool and was a good move on part of Microsoft, because this is less resource hogging for your Graphic unit and you can give more resource for other Graphical rendering Tasks.

6. Less Ram Usage and more Performance : If you were Struggling with slow windows 7 even on a 2GB RAM,then this is the Time to make the switch to the Windows 8, when Windows 7 on my 8GB Laptop used to consume 1.74GB on start-up with active 81 Processes, Windows 8 consumes only around 950MB at start-up with active 35 Processes, this is really a drastic improvement over Windows 7.
The Processor Use is therefore also Low,and you get more Processing power for your Application usage, this causes less heating and this really makes it an ideal OS for Portable machines and Tablets.

Windows 8 RAM usage
Windows 8 RAM usage

7. More battery : There is also a drastic improvement in battery life over the windows 7, because the OS is too Light and is made for the Notebooks.

Verdict : My suggestion for anyone looking for upgrade in OS would be to switch to Windows 8, the Backward compatibility is good and the Drivers for your Hardware have also started rolling in, there is no general learning curve for a normal user and the Pricing is also affordable, this is really the best OS for a Portable Machine.

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