Monday, 30 July 2012

Vintage Effect in Photoshop Action.

Time : 2-3 Minutes.

Photoshop Required.

Vintage effect on Photographs is generally the Old camera look that we frequently come across in the old newspapers,and after we develop old films,this effect at times can be used to give the Vintage charm associated with them,they have tunnel look,have dark corners and are yellowish with a pink tinge on them which gives the impression that they are withered by the sun.
This effect can be replicated using the Photoshop’s powerful layer styles and lens filters,it usually takes 2-3 minutes for users familiar with processing
of photographs,but for newbies it is not an easy task,so i made a Photoshop action to reproduce the exact same effect using a click,just load the given action click on play,load the photograph and you’re done.

Vintage action in photoshop


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