Tuesday 24 July 2012

Create Infrared images in Photoshop Action.

Skill Required : Beginner.

Time : 2-3 Minutes.

Software Required : Photoshop/any version upwards of 7.

Infrared Images are the images which are shot using infrared light sensitive Film on cameras or IR sensors.But not everyone has the resources to buy IR sensitive films or sensors,and if the images have been already shot then it can’t be converted,but for this very purpose i made a Photoshop action to convert your images to Infrared and this can be done in just a click.
Just download the attached Photoshop action(.atn) file and then load action and click on play,and
the IR Picture is before your eye in just a blink.
This action integrates the different filters and layer styles provided in Photoshop itself to make your task easier,if you want to analyze the steps yourself then you can expand the action to see the steps for your own learning.

IR effect in photoshop

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