Friday 29 June 2012

How to Create/Make Brushes in Photoshop.

make brushes pack

Creating a brush in Photoshop is not difficult as perceived by many but its as easy as creating your first composition in Photoshop.
So, lets start with it.

Prerequisites: Photoshop CS2 upwards preferably and the image which you want as a brush .

Steps :
1. Open image which you want to convert to brush,then you need to modify the image to get the desirable effect and you will get a clearer and well defined brush.
These following adjustments can be found under image<adjustments.








shadow and highlights



2.Punch the above values,now you will get a good idea of what your brush will look like,and don’t sit and start removing all those unwanted whites because white=transparent after brush creation and all the colors become a shade in the gray scale chart between black and white depending on the intensity of the color,or even you can convert the image to grayscale to get an accurate idea of brush after creation.  
3. Go to edit>define brush preset.your brush is now made,now you can even try to edit the brush properties found in the brushes window to control Dynamics,scattering,texture,jitter etc to give a more realistic feel to the brush.

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