Sunday 30 December 2012

6 Easy ways to protect your online identity.

International governments these days seem too intent on controlling use of internet by the citizens, this trend is continuously rising these days with the Google's Transparency Report showing rapid increase in requests of user data by government agencies for many unspecified reasons.The figures below show the same story, this is really bad for the freedom and privacy of users on the internet. 

This naturally should concern you all even if you are not doing anything illegal on the internet, because basic right to the free use of internet is yours.
Here i will be discussing some easy ways to protect your online identity, which are very easy for you to employ.

1. Use proxy sites to browse content: If you are going to do some shady business online then beware of your identity because if you IP address is found out then nabbing you is like finding a sitting duck. you can use HidemyAss's Proxy service to browse sites anonymously.

2. Use Proxy ports on any application: You can proxy ports and IP addresses to hide your identity using any applications you may be using like Browsers, Download managers Like uTorrent etc. to go online and download data, these ports can be used on any web application that supports Proxies. For example you can get IP port and Proxy list Here to use.

3. Use Dummy Email Accounts: Many times you are required to enter your Email address at many services which you are probably never going to use again, so naturally you don't want to give your id's there to protect against Spam and protect your online identity. You can get Dummy email id's here to use, these email addresses are totally Anonymous and can be set to self-destruct after a certain time limit.

4. Use VPN to safeguard against prying eyes: VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers are made to be used for anonymously using the web to safeguard you against hackers and prying eyes, there are many free VPN services available for use like this one.

5. Anonymously share files: Many times you want to share files but don't want to share your identity with the web as the up-loader of files so you can use some anonymous file sharing service like this for easily sharing files,this way even if someone finds out the file, he will never know who uploaded the files. 

6. Use Routing: This is the ultimate tool to protect your all the online activities and identities, TOR (The Onion Routing) is the tool for using routing using anonymous network computers to automatically and randomly route you data through encrypted gateways to provide a secure channel for your data usage and remove all the traces of your travel across the vast web.

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