Saturday 22 December 2012

Add Google Web Fonts to Blogger Blogs.

Add Google Web Fonts to Blogger Blogger/Blogspot Blog.

Using Web fonts from Google you can customize your blogger blog to make it attractive for the visitors, and its been proven that nice looking blogs always add up to more readership. 

1. This is a going to be a really quick tutorial to implement the fonts immediately as you read this post.

google web fonts homepage

2. First go to Google Web Fonts website.

3. Choose your font and then click on the quick use button on below the font and choose the font family options.

quick use button

4. Copy the Code to copy to your blog,look in the below screenshot for reference,do this carefully.

add fonts code to your blog

5. Then paste this code just below the <head> tag on your blogger template editor, and save changes and close the editor.(Note : you must always take backup of your template before editing it to avoid any unwanted bugs.)

6. Now search for ]]></b:skin> in your Template in the Template editor and paste the below code just before it.
Integrate in to your css

7. Save your Template and you are finished with this.

(Note: Sometimes this may or may not work on some of inbuilt blogger templates, and you must use light fonts to minimize your load time.)

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