Thursday 10 January 2013

4 Simple HTML Online tutorials for Beginners.

HTML and CSS Online tutorials for Beginners.   

Learning some basic web designing and coding is imperative for everyone these days to make full use of technology and some HTML and coding never goes waste in your life.
Even bloggers need to understand some basic HTML and CSS for full use their talent, but these days not many people have time to go out of home to learn these things, so there are many online resources to learn web programming, i have compiled some of them which i find of good use to me and are frequently updated to HTML5 and CSS3.

They have full HTML5 and CSS3 compatible tutorials for learning and they are worldwide web consortium certified courses, so they are fully certified and you can also get your certificates after your training.

Link to training program: HTML tutorial

Mozilla wants everyone to learn coding, the developer network is another step towards the online coding literacy for netizens, there is even an active community for helping you in learning.Its basically a collection of best tutorials around the web.
The reference Docs are very extensive too.

Link to HTML training: MDN

The Codeacademy lists some HTML and CSS tutorials, with some practical training too, which is tightly integrated into the course with, but i was disappointed with the less amount of documentation provided but its good for some basic training. 
Here is the Link

Last but not the least is the HTML Dog beginner tutorial and it assumes that you have no prior knowledge about HTML and CSS and gently upgrades to learn CSS after the completion of HTML course, there are 3 levels of both HTML and CSS i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced. The site plans to include HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials in 2013 too.

Summary: Best of the four above are w3schools and HTML Dog, the MDN is vast but too scattered, HTML Dog is the best one in the ease and learn-ability of tutorials and for ultimate HTML newbie, but has no HTML5 tutorials for now.

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