Wednesday 16 January 2013

Free alternatives to Google Apps.

Now that Google apps for Business is not free for new users (existing users will still continue to get service for free.) Many users are left searching for good alternatives to it, there are aplenty, but not free of course, so i found out some free mail collaboration services for small businesses and domains.
Google apps free alternatives

1. In the first place is the Microsoft Mail service Hotmail or Outlook(as it is called now.)  
To use it you must first go to , Login via your existing account or create a new account, enter your domain and verify the DNS and mx records to start using the service.
This is free for now and will be free for time being(unless they change their mind in view of the users flocking to them from Google), so you must grab your account sooner than later.

Windows live domains manager

2. The Other free service is the Zoho mail service, to create an account, just click on this link Zoho mail ,and create an account with the lite pack, which gives to freedom to add upto 3 users for a single domain, which is good enough for a small business.

Zoho free mail service

3. Then there is a different kind of service called the Zimbra Open source service, which is good for self hosted sites, or on a shared server, it offer you a complete downloadable package for hosting on your server(you need a Linux server), and you will have your own mail and collaboration solution hosted by your own organization.

 Zimbra Open source edition mail server

And Still if you want Gmail Apps account for free, it is still available for free for one person, i.e. you can only add one person on a domain, for the account go to this link .

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