Sunday 20 January 2013

MegaUpload back as Mega : Hands on

Mega(upload) is now back as Mega and is as secure as anything can get.

Mega Logo

Mega was released as  and is now Bigger, Better, Stronger and Safer.

MEGA is a recursive acronym and stands for "MEGA Encrypted Global Access".

Kim Dotcom has said in his interview to Reuters that the new Mega is now securer than ever and takes encryption to the next level, he even goes on to say that even if they want to access information on your files, they can't do that.
The official inauguration of Mega is on Monday but the beta version was released on Saturday itself and we has some hands on with it.below are some things that struck us as really fantastic and we would like to share it with our readers.

1. It is faster now

Well not really fast because it takes a minute to load on its first load, but after that its lightning fast.

Mega Home page.

2. Intuitive & Easy 

Everything is easy and happens at one click or just a simpler Drag and Drop will do.Sharing your files, making a folder everything is just too easy to believe.


3. Its Bigger

A massive space of 50GB is Provided to the users in the Free account, this will surely take care of all your cloud sharing needs.

50 GB for free account

4. Secure and Private

This is the main point that we kept as last,for this is the Knockout punch delivered my Mega Team.
As you Login to your account the first message is this:
"Your 2048-bit public/private key pair is being created.
To strengthen the key, we have collected entropy date from your mouse movements and keystroke timings"
This proves the site's motto, that the key to encryption is held by you not us.

2048-bit key encryption Mega 
User controlled encryption in Mega

On their Blog, Mega advises users to access Mega using Chrome Browser as it is the most advanced browser and implements HTML5 to the fullest and supports easy uploads and downloads.Even IE10 supports HTML5, that too better than Chrome, but it has other Memory Blob based security vulnerabilities.

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