Friday 8 February 2013

Backlinking Techniques that no one talks about.

Backlinking Techniques that no one talks about. 

Backlink is simply a fancy name for a link to any site.  

Ever since you got a blog you keep listening to the term "Backlink" every now and then, this term comes up very often when you talk about SEO. 
In the quest for backlinks many newbie bloggers are found to be spamming comments with links on many of the sites, which is a good thing if done deliberately but also 'Smartly'.
First let's talk about the different types of backlinks and then we will discuss different types of smart backlinking techniques.

There are roughly 4-5 types of Backlinks that we will talk about and how to increase them:-

1. Exact Match Anchor Text :

This means that suppose if you are tying to rank for a particular keyword, say it is [Free SEO services], then you would have to have a link that says exactly these words and links to the URL you want to Rank, when search engine bots come across your link and its a dofollow link, then search engine indexes that URL for that keyword, and the more the number of links with you text the more is your link ranking for that keyword.But remember that if you get these kind of link from many irrelevant webpages then the search engine may treat it as spam.
Example: Free SEO services

2. Partial Match Anchor Text :

If you are trying to rank for the keyword [Free SEO services], then you can link your webpage as either [Free SEO] or [SEO services], then it would be a Partial match anchor text backlink, then it can rank for both the keywords, or the phrase which has both the keywords merged. This can also save your link as getting marked as spam if you have too many Exact match anchor links to your page.
Example: Free SEO or SEO services

3. Unrelated Phrase Anchor Text :

These are the texts that sometimes many of us use to link to many of the link we share on forums and blogs, they don't help you rank on search engines and should be avoided if you are doing it yourself.
Example : Click here, Read more or Link

4. URL Link :

These type of link have anchor text same as the link, they don't contribute to your keyword ranking or anything, but are useful as well.
Example :

5. Image Links :
Image links are also the significant kind of backlinks that you should have to rank big on image search engines, like google image search, but since there is no way to put anchor texts in images, so you can rely on alt tags and title text to give relevance to your links.

The Logic behind getting Backlinks

Backlinks allow you to get your content more easily indexed on search engines, if they come from pages which have more reputation than your website. The one term that comes up frequently when you discuss about backlinks is "Link Juice", it mainly refers to the amount of importance or "juice" that a backlink carries.
Say, that a page carrying your link has 100 units of juice, then if that page only has your link on it, then you will get full 100 units of juice from it and search engines will rank you in the same way as that page. Now change the example, say that page has 5 links to different sites, then all five pages will get 20 units of juice, and search engine will not give your link as much importance as that originating page. This logic also implies to internal linking, you must not give much importance to non essential pages like contact and privacy policy pages etc.

Ways to Increase backlinks organically


1. Commenting on Blogs and forums : This is the most easy way to get linked and create easy backlinks, but they don't generally don't contain much importance because they have so many comments and backlinks on them, so search engines mostly consider them as spam links.

2. Write guest posts on Blogs : Writing guest posts on blogs gives you a new and much bigger audience and since the guest author information generally contains link to your blog, you get much of the link juice on that page and this is an easy way to get page-ranked by Google and build backlinks.

3. Make free blogs and create Baclinks yourself : This is the most innovative and clean way of getting backlinks to your main website if you make good free service blogs, and then give the desired backlinks in any way as you want, but don't overdo it, sometimes if the services suspect that you are using the blogs only for generating backlinks then you account may be terminated permanently.
There are many services like the ones i am listing below for this use :

4. Social Media links : These links are not dofollow kind of links so they don't really help with backlinking but sharing links in relevant social circles can help you get noticed and someone can link to your content organically.

You are free to follow the above tips for getting links but dont just concentrate on backlinks, you must have unique content to get ranked on search engines, they rank your site only when the end user is liking your website. Just think before doing anything that -"Would i be doing this if search engines didn't exist."


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