Monday 11 February 2013

How to make and save your Photoshop Actions.

This Post is a continuation post to our old post where we explained how to make your own Photoshop Brushes and save them, now we will tell you how to Create and save your Photoshop Actions to share and ease your work later.
This is a very easy task but many users have difficulty in saving later, which irritates them, so lets start with the tutorial.

1. First open the action window in your Photoshop.

2. Then click on the small folder icon at the bottom of the window, and name the new set of actions anything you want.

3. Then make a new action and name it as a New action or give any other name to it.

4. Now click on the small play button to start recording your action, and click on stop if you are finished with your procedure.

5. If you want the step to open a prompt dialog, instead of just repeating the step, click of the Toggle Prompt button before that step.

6. Click on Save as button to Save your set of actions with any name, it will be saved as a file with .atn extension.
 7. Now you are ready to share and load the actions anywhere you want.

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