Thursday 28 February 2013

Playstation 4 Myths : Demystified.

Sony PlayStation 4, the successor of One of the Greatest Consoles Available today was just announced, but not shown yet how its gonna look and what Hardware it possesses, and that thing really frustrates gamers and buyers alike, who want to see if to buy something else or to wait it to arrive, but there were some details given that some people can't understand, so here we go about explaining it.

So here we go about demystifying the PS4 announce and bring you the Real specs and what really is inside it, the specs and things revealed by Sony were not detailed that can give you a real idea about the thing that runs in there..

CPU: PS4 is supposed to be launched with a AMD APU Featuring 8 AMD Jaguar Cores, which would be powerful Enough to handle Most of Next gen games for a Good Long time. The CPU+GPU on a die is an ongoing concept for AMD from sometime, though it is not as powerful and Future proof as PS3 was at its time, only time shall tell where it stands in Future. We don't really know or are precisely aware of Jaguar’s performance but soon we will be.

GPU :The GPU is Speculated to be A Custom made like RSX but with AMD Route. At 1.84 TFlops, it stands somewhere between AMD 7850 and 7870 With 1152 Shader Pixels and 72 texture Units along with 18 Compute units we are looking at Some Smoking Graphics Performance from PS4.

Memory And Storage: Looking at an 8GB some speculate it to be GPU+ vRAM hybrid of GDDR5 Memory it is Imminent that there will be no Bandwidth Bottlenecks in this Console, Driving at 176GB/s.

While There has been no Word over the inclusion of SSD’s,it is a better way to keep the Price Point at bay. Using Basic Hard Drives is Something a Right Choice at this Situation.


Sony has Decided not to change the Form-Factor of its Controller but added some Bells and Whistles to it to make it just more interesting by Adding Social Share button and Colorful Lights And Sensors. As the DualShock 4 has improved SixAxis motion sensing so motion gaming is possible with the new controller. Sensors as is not to be mistaken with Move Replacement as Said by Sony. Move will Continue as the Superior Choice for most of the Motion-Sensing Games.
While the purpose of the Touchpad isn't really unveiled Correctly, but Rumors says it is to be used in Specific Games

Compatibility with Previous gen Console Games:
Dodging the Compatibility with games of Previous gen Consoles, Sony has found a better way to just Stream games Courtesy of Gaikai Cloud Gaming, Something more like the Project Shield does.

While the PS3 Enters a Smackdown with PC level hardware, the War between Console and PC Gaming just got hardened. As we expect the Xbox720 or Whatever the next gen Xbox is Going to be Called, the Curiosity of Gamers has been going off the Charts.

This Article was contributed by Aryacooldude from Gizmolord.

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