Sunday 3 March 2013

Best way to Play Dishonored and get Best Ending

Dishonored was in many Gamers view among the best of the games of last year, but some of them still don't like it for its classic watercolor graphics, but in my view also, it is among the best games ever made in this generation. so here is a short Review of Dishonored and then we will talk about the tips to play to get Best ending and enjoy the game to a maximum.

Dishonored Review

Dishonored short review

Its made as a stealth first person open ended sandbox game, it doesn't really have the Graphics to brag about, but has got some artistic textures and Graphics, the stealth part is really awesome, you can either just run through the opposition or play stealthily and get out of there without anyone even knowing you were there, there are different types of enemies and everything you do has repercussions to the city and the final outcome so think wisely before acting.
So here are some handy tips to play to get the best ending :-

1. Minimal Kills : Killing hostiles seems to be the only way to get forward in games but to get more stability to the city and have less rats and weepers in the city, you must try to leave as many of them alive or even never confront them, but if you want to pass through without taking damage then you can put the guard to sleep and hide his body to cause no alarm.

2. Find Runes and Bone Charms : Finding them seems to be the secondary thing to some guys but believe me, if you want to pass easily through game, then you will need the Runes to get maximum of the powers at your disposal and sometimes you just pass nearby a rune and don't notice it, so make it a point to equip heart at some point to help find Runes.

3. Alternative pathways : There are many ways to go to your destination that the way that just seems obvious to you, there may be some pipes, water ways and roofs, reachable ledges using Blink and open Balconies, or there may be chains dangling, you can blink-jump to them or swim up.

4. Secondary Objectives : You must always make it a point to complete the secondary objective first, even if the the main objective appeals more to you, there are generally, some perks related to them like Runes and you may even don't have to do the main assassination (yes), the objective may change, and they include non-lethal choices, so they are your step towards that best ending you are looking for.

5. Say no to Alarms : Don't cause alarms, and be seen or leave out unconscious and dead bodies, don't use noisy weapons like Pistols and Grenades, just use sleep darts, crossbow and spring-razors, if you cause too much alarm, reinforcements may come and the mission becomes difficult, so alarms cause chaos, just rewire tools to rewire arc pylons and alarms, and yes don't forget to search for collectable items using Dark vision.

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