Monday 25 March 2013

Why you should play Crysis 3 ?

Why you should play Crysis 3 once in your lifetime ? 

Crysis 3 gives you state of the arts graphics enhanced by CryEngine 3. Crysis 3 as expected melted down systems but not at a scale which Crysis did at its time.Even on Low one could Experience the beautiful Graphics,the Environment,the Jungle,The Tactical Enhancements,etc.On Ultra Things get Bumpier with Lens Flares, Anti-aliasing, Detailed textures, Snappier Edges, And the infamous SMAA.

While Nvidia and AMD were rolling out updates to make their Cards perform better, EA didn't leave any stone unturned in Optimizing the game and releasing Regular Updates.

Weapons : Ultimate Weapons Like The Swarmer and Not To Forget The Silenced MK thermal Mod are the Ultimate Weapons of Mayhem.

Typhoon Discharges 1440 Bullets in 3 Seconds, at a rate of nearly 500 Bullets/sec, so there is not really time for something called Recoil.

Predator Bow allows you to Hunt the CEPH and Cell alike remaining cloaked, There are many types of Arrows to aid you in Hunting, if you want to go Ballistic use the Fire tipped Arrows, Go stealthy with Normal arrows, Disrupt Enemy’s Armor/Take down Vehicles with Electric Discharge Arrows, and the Best thing is you can take your arrows back from the bodies and use them again.

CEPH Weapons : The Reaper Cannon,The Bolt Sniper and Pinch Rifle, The Incinerator you get after killing the Scorchers (they are really kick-ass)

Crysis 3 Reaper cannon 

Crysis 3 Bolt sniper

Psycho is Back - Psycho from Crysis 1 is back again as your Mate and Partner.

Prophet's Thoughts are for you to hear because he speaks a lot in this Part, unlike Crysis 2 when he didn't even utter a single word.

Remote Hacking of Modules - You can Hack Land Mines, Ceph Technology, Cell Security Gates, Upgrades for you Nanosuits, Unlock new weapons with the help of your Visor from a good Distance Remotely without approaching and remaining cloaked, this is an entirely new feature in this part of the franchise.

Secondary Objectives to make break the Monotony of A to B games , the secondary objectives sometimes help you in your Primary Mission, and give you some new weapons and help required to take on your enemies easily.

Crysis 3 outer space

Be Invincible with Ceph Power sources - They give you an invincibility when you are Charged with CEPH power sources, you don’t take Damage, don’t run out of Ammunition ( and Kick some serious ass.)

Nanosuit Upgrades system is Better now, you have to search and Hack through many secure consoles and Cell backup weapon holding.places and may want to check out secondary Objectives to get the Update Modules.

The Multiplayer

The Multiplayer is what makes Crysis 3 Unique! It is interesting, Exciting and Badass! It will keep you Engaged for Months. Leveling Up, Rebooting Nanosuit, Unlocking New Weapons and Mods, Collecting Dog tags, etc are just a meagre part of the Multiplayer.You will find yourself up against Enemies on various levels, Predator Bows, Reaper Cannon, Bolt Sniper, The Infamous Swarmer are some special Weapons one Shouldn't Miss.It also includes Challenges resulting in Extra XP or the Level Up Currency one can say.

There are 8 Modes in Multiplayer which one can choose from to play, Listing below :-

1) Crash Site
2) Hunter
3) Assault
4) Extraction
5) Spears
6) Capture the Relay
7) DeathMatch
8) Team DeathMatch

The Player can choose between 4 Playing Types:-

Assault :-All Rounder Player, Uses assault grade weapons, joining this a good option when you are not sure which one to start with.

Scout :- For those who can take on with a Shotgun in hand against the arsenal of Snipers and Assault team. One needs to be More careful than even those using Predator Bows  because a direct assault when playing as scout is lethal. Close Combat Grade.

Sniper :- I think this doesn't need any explanation, you go out with a Sniper, choose your vantage point, get cloaked and kill some Enemies.

Gunner :- Heavy Gunner in normal Words.Its purely upon the player where he ends up using this level ,either above assault or below scout.

Players can also choose their Weapons and make special Mods like Suppressors or Laser sights and extended magazines or make Own classes with new unlocked or favourite weapons and Nanosuit Modules.

This Article was Written in collaboration with Aryacooldude from Gizmolord.

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