Monday 11 March 2013

Xi3's Piston available for Pre-order on Website for $900

Xi3 Piston Preorder

Xi3' Piston Gaming console which was announced at the CES this Winter, and is touted to be the alternative to Steam Box is now available for Pre-order on its Website, and its full specifications are still not revealed but its interestingly priced at  US $900, To those who don't know what is Piston console, then you should read our previous article -
What is Steam Box?

Its a Gaming Server that is most probably based on Linux OS and can be used to play Games across 7-8 Big Screens in HD resolutions, using only one Processing unit, this makes it fit for uses such as in LAN parties.Now The specifications of Piston Listed on the pre-order page are like this -

Primary Storage : 128GB SSD
Hard Drive : Standard- Internal 128GB SSD
Processor : 3.2Ghz Quad Core (R464), some investigation reveals that this CPU is actually AMD A10 APU featuring Integrated GPU 7660G.

and you can also increase the Internal SSD used, the pricing for which is as follows -
$899.99 - Standard 128 GB SSD
$1,239.99 - Internal 256GB SSD
$1,649.99 - Internal 512GB SSD 
and here is the Pre-order link

Xi3 piston prices

But the GPU unit Specifications have not been revealed yet, and until i see the GPU specifications, i am not ready to put my money on it, Xi3 have made Piston in collaboration with Valve , who are themselves going to announce their own Steam Box soon to compete with Xi3 , so i would like to wait and see what Valve has got up their sleeves.

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