Monday 29 April 2013

What to do with your Old Desktop PC ?

Old computer uses
Everyone might have still got their 6 year old PC with them but they rarely use them for Daily tasks, advent of Laptops and Tablet and Mobile Computing has greatly diminished the need for an Individual to use a Desktop.

So, that Desktop may be Languishing in a Corner with a Layer of dust over it with no one to even look at it, sure Technology gets outdated fast enough, when you bought that Desktop, it had the Top of line specs and Processors, but now even Notebooks have faster configurations than that.

And to even add burn to the wound, No one would like to buy that PC for even 1/10th Original cost, so what do you do ? Throw it ? Using is out of question ,so i tell you some ways to make good use of that PC and Save Planet earth by not creating new E-Waste.

Here are some quirky and Useful tips for you that i just thought up :-

1. The first point is actually dependent on what is the Model of your Motherboard, if its DDR2 then it can be saved and upgraded, but if its a DDR1 , then you actually can't save it, these days you can't find even 512 MB RAM for DDR1, let alone 1 GB , and even if you find it , its gonna be too costly to justify buying it.

2. Other Far-fetched idea is to get a TV Tuner card and Enjoy watching and recording TV shows for Later viewing and this doesn't even require good Hardware, you just need a Big Monitor/TV.

3. That new build that you are going to buy is probably having minimum 1 TB Hard Disk Drive, there may be no use of your old 80/160 GB HDD, you can buy a HDD casing to convert that old HDD to a Portable and External HDD to transfer data between your PC's in your Home.

4. You can use some Parts like SMPS and Cabinet and Spare Cooling Fans from your Old desktop PC in your new Budget PC.

5. Last but not the least solution is to donate it to some one who needs it and can't afford a new one, you can give it to them to promote E-literacy in your Community or give it to some schools, its better than selling it for peanuts.

Try these Tips or Think up some new ones and tell us too :)

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