Monday 13 May 2013

Intel Haswell Processors available at Chinese Online Retailer.

Intel Haswell line of processors are now available on Chinese online retailer's Website TaoBao for Pre-order and Prices have been Updated too with the Full Specs and other details available for Buyers who want the first bite of the "Pie", and the new Z87 line of Motherboards compatible with the Haswell series are available too from ASUS, ASRock and Biostar.

Intel Haswell i5 4570k Preorder Chinese taobao

The Full Specs have been revealed with all details including Max TDP, Core and Turbo clocks etc. The Motherboards are out too with prices and Pre-Order button.
Another notable thing is that now we get Intel HD 4600 as Integrated Graphics on all Processors of this series, be it the low range Core i5 or the the best Core i7. This is different from last series where only high end cards used to get HD 4000 Graphics.

Here are some snaps from the retailer site :-

Intel haswell series preorder prices leaked

Intel haswell series preorder prices leaked

Intel haswell series z87 Motherboard

The Prices are still in Chinese Yuan so lets do some quick conversion here for some processors :-
I7 4770k = INR 23050 = USD 420
i5 4670k = INR 15625 = USD 285
i5 4330k = INR 11605 = USD 212
These were some of the Quick conversions according to Google converter, the actual retail prices in different countries may vary.

Now, Lets do some specs talk here, some of the Listed specs tables are being given here :-

Haswell Processor specs leaked
Haswell Motherboards specifications

In the above specs sheet we can clearly see that only Z87 series will support Overclocking and Dynamic disk acceleration, and i7 4770k has Unlocked multipliers.

ASUS Sabertooth LGA 1150 Z87 Motherboard is available for sale too for USD 325.49, and supports CrossFireX and SLi according to the Information given.

ASUS Sabertooth LGA 1150 Z87 Motherboard

The MotherBoard looks Pretty Rugged and classy with its Thermal Armor.

The Physical Processor chip shots have been leaked too and are given on the retailer page as Product Photograph.
Haswell i5-4430 processor chip

These retailer links gives us enough insight into the pricing when Haswell series hits other countries shores and may cause some drop in Ivy-Bridge Prices too.

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