Wednesday 15 May 2013

Microsoft's Entertainment Streaming Set-Top Box Prototype Leaked

Microsoft rumored set top box

Microsoft Already have Their Gaming Console, i.e. Xbox in The Market,This Xbox may have Many Functions but Still it is a Primary Gaming Console. So, Microsoft is preparing a Streaming Media Box. Since some of the prototypes are reportedly designed to work with Kinect, It's not terribly surprising.
Microsoft's rumored entertainment set-top box does exist, but the Operating system maker remains unsure whether to launch the device.

The Wall Street Journal's sources tell that several prototypes have been built for the simple streaming device, which would allow access to the Xbox Live suite of entertainment applications.
Microsoft new logo
Microsoft's current videogame console, the Xbox 360, went on sale in 2005 for a starting price of $299. The console currently starts at $199, or $99 with a two-year subscription to Microsoft's Xbox Live social-games network.So, Set-top boxes will cost less than game consoles. The Apple TV costs $99 without an online subscription, while Roku offers a model that starts at $49.
A set-top box from Microsoft is made so that could compete with similar products offered by companies such as Apple Inc. and Roku Inc.

Insider sources tell that work is being done on the development side to make it simple for developers to create content for the device, including having instructed its development teams to create programs with Microsoft-created coding standards.
Microsoft has said it would unveil its next Xbox on May 21, and people familiar with the matter said it would be released in time for the holiday season, setting up a shopping-season battle with the PlayStation 4.

Guest Author: Pavan Jadhav
Bio: Pavan Jadhav is An Engineering Student From India, He is Contributing on Sysberto.

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