Thursday 16 May 2013

Google+ May 2013 Update at Google I/O 2013

Multicolumn Google+ Media images

Google I/O 2013 Keynote is going on currently and one of the most prolific updates that strikes me is the Google+ update that is going to roll out this evening. Everything is just changed with a new hangouts app and Photo features being announced, full 41 new features on cards. so let's talk about it before you get the updates.

Hangout Standalone app coming out for Android now with Conversations, Threads this gonna be Google+'s answer to Facebook's own bred app, and the Notifications are gonna be total synced, i.e, you clicked on one device, its gone on all others.This is Gonna be out too this Evening.

Hangouts standalone app

New Hashtags mechanism will suggest you Hashtags based on Knowledge Graph and image analysis, the Knowledge Graph is self learning so will get better with time.

New Layout is totally different with a responsive design which means same layout across different devices, Multi column design(can force single column), Images, Posts, videos can span different Columns based on size and Preferences.
Flips, fades, cards are all going to be there as new effects.

New Google+ Features I/O Keynote

Combining Google+ with Photos - Now this may seem like competition to Instagram, but actually is more Photography based and more intelligent, with Auto Enhance which is trained by a Team of photographers which actually enhances your Photographs and is the best idea to a Auto Enhance app ever.
Machine learning all the training from a bunch of photographers editing photos is an awesome idea to make auto enhance work Practically flawless, and you can click on a Button which toggles between Original and Enhanced Shots. The Auto Enhance has tonal distribution, sharpening, also learned through Human Trainers computationally.

New Google+ auto enhancement I/O keynote

New Google+ auto enhancement I/O keynote

The Algorithm Sorts through all Photos to find out the best shots for you and remove all Blurry, off color, Bad Exposure, Duplicates shots, and this training also by Humans.

One Thing is really likes is that Google+ stores Full Resolution Images instead of degrading them like Facebook(which i hate about Facebook), and it gives you 15 GB space to store your Photos instead of earlier 5 GB.

The New Google+ certainly enhances your Photos automatically and Intelligently with the Skill of a Professional Photographer.

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