Saturday 25 May 2013

ASRock Teases Waterproof Z87 Motherboards for Haswell Processors.

asrock z87 waterproof Motherboards

ASRock has been Teasing its new Z87 Motherboards for Haswell Line of Processors i.e. the Next gen 8 series of Motherboards, The series is tagged A-Style on the website. The Most Mention worthy thing that they are showing is that the Motherboards are somewhat Waterproof.

There are some more eye-catching things about them too which we must discuss here :-

1. Purity Sound : It is a combination of several hardware and software audio solutions that will satisfy even the ones who are Impressed rarely by anything. It includes 7.1 Channel HD audio with Realtek ALC1150 audio codec, 115dB SNR DAC with Differential Amplifier, TI® 5532 Premium Headset Amplifier which supports up to 600 ohm headphones and many others features which we saw there.

The Main Difference in Purity Sound is that unlike other traditional on-board audio solutions that use single sided output and capacitors, Purity Sound uses a differential codec for differential output, and the signals go through a differential amplifier TI NE5532 with Direct Drive technology. It maintains Frequency response even at Low frequencies contrary to other Audio solutions.

2. HDMI-In : Its a pretty handy feature for everyone these days as we all own a plethora of devices and may want to plug any device any time of day to your Monitor, for that traditionally we have to disconnect the Monitor from CPU and plug in the device to our only Monitor, but now with the HDMI-In technology, you simply have to plug in the device to Motherboard's HDMI-In Port and keep the Monitor Plugged in to CPU too, and switch to any kind of Display any time with a Simple Hotkey, and you can you this feature without even powering on your PC.

HDMI in Technology ASRock

3. Next gen High-speed connectivity : With the 802.11ac WiFi wireless computer networking standard that provides high-throughput wireless local area networks on the 5GHz band with data transferring speeds up to 867Mbps. The Only thing which Bugs us these days are the Low Wireless transfer speeds provided by Bluetooth and WiFi devices and this increase your transfer speeds ten-fold over older protocols.

4. Waterproof Conformal Coating : This coating mainly protects your Motherboards against all kinds of Environmental damage that can happen to it like Dust, Corrosion, Conductive liquids like water and Extreme operating Temperatures.
When Overclocking you won't need to worry about spilling any Liquid Nitrogen above your Motherboard anymore. But Note that The Pins are not covered with this coating to keep them conductive, so its not a full-proof solution against water damage and water can still cause short-circuits on touching Pins.

waterproof conformal coating asrock motherboards

5. Home cloud : Its still not fully revealed but maybe, its a Full home wireless connectivity using Motherboard , can't say so we wait.

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