Sunday 2 June 2013

Haswell Processors go on Sale at Akihabara, Japan.

Haswell sales start Japan akihabara

As we here wait for Haswell Processors to start retailing in our Country, Buyers at Akihabara district also known as "Akihabara Electric Town" got their hands on it today Midnight, i.e. 2nd June.

The Sales started as soon as the clock struck 12, Buyers lapped it up with open Hands as they were already waiting in Long Lines to Lay their hands on one.

People queue up to Buy Haswell

The sales also started for the ASRock WaterProof Motherboards H87 ,its got a good selling point so it should reflect on Sales numbers.Other Motherboards include the MSI and ASUS Z87-A.

Sales of Haswell japan

There is some kind of discount going on Buying combo of Motherboards and processors as is evident from the Pictures.

There is a Demo CPU System with CPU-Z application to show the working and full specification for the Processors.

Haswell Demo CPU System

Haswell Demo CPU System CPU-z

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