Sunday 29 September 2013

Power Bank Portable Charger Review.

Battery life is the biggest concern for everyone in this age of Portability and Power in your hands. Many a times you might have been left stranded with a Dead phone at a long trip or a long day away from home with no power ports in sight and you want to just make a call or can't do without a Phone, it is at times like this that a Portable charger can really help you with your life and you can go Mobile again.
Speaking of which, no one can deny the fact that with increasing processing power and decreasing battery backups, a Power Bank/ Portable Charger is indispensable.

Power bank Portable charger

We wrote a well detailed review for our users, keeping in mind the increasing demands for a power bank review from our side, and we wanted to review this one too.

Power Bank Portable Charger Review

Packaging - The Packaging was super safe , and the Package arrived from USA warehouse in top condition in Moisture-proof packaging.
The Box was pretty much average, not too great. not too bad, just functional, and kept the Power Bank safe from shocks and scratches etc.

Power bank Portable charger

Power bank Portable charger portsIn the Box - Power bank, Charging-Discharging Cord (2-in-1 cord).

Specifications -

Capacity : 2600mAh
DC input : 5.0V 1000mA
DC output : 5.0V 1000mA
Weight : 180 grams

Build Quality - Power bank charger is quite sturdy with an Aluminium body without any visible joints and a nice powdered paint finish. It is scratch proof as it seems to me till now, and doesn't attract fingerprints or dust either.
The USB charging port is nothing out of ordinary, but the charging USB port wire port is slightly loose fitting and seems to come out upon some mishandling during charging, which means that it may get disconnected sometimes when running or walking.

Portable charger out of box

Usage Issues - The Power bank sometimes doesn't charge any Smartphone even when it is fully charged, it takes some luck and connect-disconnect cycles at a time to get it to charge Smartphones.
Sometimes it charges at first try, and sometimes it takes a Restart of Phone or Recharge of Power Bank charger to get it to charge. This is maybe due to "Dumb Charging" Protection in Smartphones sometimes to protect against Shorts from charging sources.

Portable charger charging

Battery Life - Battery Life is 2600mAh as labelled on this Power bank as you can see, and by that Logic it should be charging a Battery of 1300mAh two times, but it just has enough charge in it to get a 1300mAh battery to charge 1 time and it discharges sometime after that.
It Takes around 1 hour to fully charge itself to be able to charge other devices.

Pros : Small size, easy to carry, Scratch-proof, Finger-print resistant body, sturdy.
Cons : Less than listed capacity, Random usage issues.

Conclusion : The Power bank Travel charger from is a good buy at an approx price of $8.79, if sometimes it doesn't give issues while charging, and holds charge longer than it did for me, the small size and shape is a good buying factor too, given that we can't always buy bulky gadgets to charge our already big Devices.

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