Thursday 6 February 2014

Laptop Cooling Pads : Ultimate Buying Guide

Cooling Pad Buying Guide

Desktops have become a thing of past for many of the current generation Internet users and Casual Gamers. Those building/buying new Desktops are mainly Hardcore gamers and Enthusiasts or use it for heavy work such as rendering. I recently had a conversation with one of my friend, I remember that I said - "I am going to build a desktop soon", can guess what was the reaction ? It was - " Who the hell even uses Desktops anymore ? ". What I wanted to point out in the above conversation was that, you don't get to see many Desktop users these days, and most of the users would just invest in a Portable and light Laptop/Notebook for their everyday usage.

There are some Plus points associated with Laptops over Desktops, Portability, Low Noise and Light-weight being some of them. But what laptops don't have are the Big Cooling fans of Desktops, so Laptops are constantly being heated up at Minimal use, become unbearable to put on laps (That's bad Idea, even when its not heating up). Every laptop is supposed to heat up with the Limited airflow space inside.
So it makes a good sense to start using Good Cooling pads to ensure that your laptop remains cool while doing heavy work and gaming, and too much heating doesn't reduce its life.

Laptop Cooling Pad/ Notebook Cooler Buying Guide

So the Question is What is the Perfect Cooling Pad for me ? or How to Buy a Cooling Pad/Notebook Cooler ? or What do the Numbers like CFM and Airflow mean ?

I will answer all your questions in this post and tell you which Cooling pad to buy :-

Firstly, What do the Numbers mean ?


 It means the air flowing through in Cubic feet per Minute. More Airflow means, well more Air :D. But More airflow in the perfect spot means much more than just Airflow at any spot.

Vent Alignment

For the Cooling pad to be of much use while cooling your laptop the Output vents of Cooling pad have to be aligned with input vents of you Laptop if you want it to have good ventilation and cooling. Cooling pads with adjustable fans are the best bet for Laptops which have their vents at awkward places.

How to check vent alignment of Cooling Pad 

To check the vent alignment of cooling pad and you laptop's vent, measure the output vent size of cooling pad and measure the distance at which the air input vents are from the laptop edges. Now if the vents are matching or align for more than 70% of the area, then you are good to go with that cooling pad.


Its a factor if you are easily irritated with continuous whirring noises. Cooling pads don't generally make much noise, but having small vents and more RPM can result in more Airflow speed/CFM and Noise.
Decibel is a logarithmic unit so just some difference can mean exponential increase in noise, so choose carefully.

More Airflow and small vents are beneficial for Laptops which have small vents and they align perfectly with the vents on Cooling pad, otherwise its pointless to have more Airflow.

Small Vents on cooling pads result in more CFM and Airflow, so if you see smaller vents but they align perfectly with you Laptop's vents then it will be better choice than the Cooling pad with more distributed exit vents.


Cooling pad/Notebook Cooler material should be Metallic/Aluminium so that it helps in Heat dissipation and its a known fact that Aluminium Mesh helps in heat dissipation more than any Plastic mesh.

Are Cooling Pads with Two Fans/Multiple fans Good ? Yes, if you have vents on laptop that are distributed across multiple points or has multiple hot-spots. Cooling fans with adjustable fans are more desirable as you can adjust them according to any Laptop and they will provide maximum cooling.

Do you have difficulty choosing the Cooling Pad for your laptop ? have any Doubt ? Then Ask me in Comments. I reply to every comment.


  1. i want to buy a cooling pad for my hp pavalion 15 n012tx can u suggest best pad for my laptop

  2. Legion y520 .. what type of pad to buy fr this

  3. i just bought the macbook 12" can you tell me which cooling pad to get?

    1. You can use any of the Cooler master cooling pads from Amazon.


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