Sunday 26 January 2014

The Brigmore Witches : Revenge, Redemption and Dishonored Sequel.

Dishonored received the best closing ceremony a video game should get in the form of its final DLC - "The Brigmore Witches", we ran through it quite quick but took time to do another play-through to fully understand both the High Chaos and Low chaos endings.
*Spoiler Alert* - Although we took great care not to spoil anything for you in this review, some things may get spoiled for you if you haven't played the Game yet.

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The Brigmore Witches Review :

The Last of Daud's story and closing of of the Dishonored was supposed to be epic, and boy does Arkane Studios fail to deliver, they have been delivering over and above gamers and critics expectations alike since the day they announced Dishonored last year and gave us a new Stealth franchise(hopefully).

The Brigmore Witches picks up just after the events of previous DLC the Knife of Dunwall, and continues on Daud's path where he sets out to find out some more about Delilah and set things right for the city which has been going into oblivion after than unfortunate Assassination contract, she was different, many characters can be seen quipping about this thing across the whole story, even the Outsider himself, not to mention Daud.

Daud is on a Path of Redemption and wishes to set things right by stopping a Dangerous ritual from being preformed by the leader of The Witches coven from Brigmore Manor which will bring about the fall of everyone in the city, including Daud and Lady Emily (voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz, who really brought the character to life, this Video game boasts of an impressive voice cast with Susan Sarandon etc).

DLC starts with a small recap and Daud wakes up in his own base, needless to say, he is terrified and feels sympathetic of the "Masked Killer" who is coming to kill him and he even manages to beat him in his dreams.

The Brigmore Witches DLC

As always the Whalers are with their master on his quests and they embark to the old but redesigned Coldridge Prison to rescue the captain of Eels ( one of the two Street Gangs), to aid in their quest to go to Delilah's lair, we have already been to Coldridge with Corvo, but this time it is shown with a different angle and added areas, and does not at all feel like an old level.

Then in the next mission we are taken to a new area where you see The Hatters and Dead Eels fighting over turf, with Daud being left with more than a handful of choices and Moral choices to make, and his every step could cause a different outcome and a different end for him. But that's all the part of the Game and you would have to take 5-6 different play-throughs and choices to see them all. There is a Granny rags recipe side mission where you get a free Rune for your efforts.

In the next level you are thrown on an island surrounded by Hell- Hounds controlled by Brigmore witches around the Brigmore manor and not to mention that everything here is controlled by witches, be it the Trees, vines and those statutes of Delilah which have a very specific purpose. The environment around here is quite pleasing and totally different from the other environments from the main game and DLCs. The Grass and greenery is so lush, that Unreal Engine feels totally at its prime in this level.

The Brigmore Manor Dishonored DLC

There are some new features that make the Brigmore witches at par with the Knife of Dunwall DLC : -

New powers like Summon an Assassin to fight alongside you.
New corrupt Bone charms , they give you something that is awesome as a power but they take something from you too, like
+ Standing still makes you invisible, and -No mana regeneration.

Frankly i didn't want the Dishonored to end just now, with the Outsider telling Daud that there are 8 only in this world including him that have been endowed with the outsider's mark.
I would totally like to see a Dishonored sequel or Dishonored 2 with interwoven story elements or characters, but that's highly unlikely. Dishonored was the most successful new Franchise Game of last year in a market full of rehashed Games and sequels and I am sure Bethesda and Arkane studios would like to reprise that success. Many Game of the Year titles at award shows and a BAFTA award for the Best Game may just be the right inspiration.

What I like

Level Design
New Detailed Characters like Geezer and Eels Leader
Greenery and totally different Environment arounf the Manor

What I don't Like

Last DLC
Reused area with Significant changes, but does not surpass "Knife of Dunwall"

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